Playroom photo by Andrew Watson

by Dan Fritschen

The house starts to feel a little bit smaller after you start having kids. More space is definitely needed in the home all of a sudden as the family grows – parents with young kids will agree with this statement!
Many homeowners with growing families might not want the hassle of building an extensive addition or moving home with young children, but one way to create more space in the home is to turn the garage into a playroom for the kids.
The first thing to take into account is that you need to turn the garage into a playroom that is safe for the kids.Transforming the garage into a safe playroom is the sort of project that does require a lot of time and effort, but once you are through with the project and you unveil the playroom to the kids you will be happy to see joyous look on their faces!

If a major remodeling project needs to be done then you need to make sure you’ve got the right permit from the relevant authority. If you don’t have electricity in the garage then you’ll need to hire a contractor to carry out the electrical work, and if you want to include a bathroom addition then you’ll also have to find a plumber in your area. Garages tend not to be insulated so installing an appropriate heating and cooling system will also be essential.

However, a lot of the work can actually be done by you. Start by emptying the garage and sweeping it; next you’ll need to spray the play area with a child-friendly pest control chemical. Spraying will have to be done regularly to prevent pest infestation. Rubber flooring suites kids’ play area better as it helps to prevent injuries and is much easier to clean!

The playroom can be made to look colorful and bright – a cheery and fun space for young kids! If you don’t have the budget for a lot of new child-friendly furniture then one easy money-saving tip is to use lawn furniture. It’s easy to clean and very hard-wearing – ideal for use around kids.

For help working out the cost of your remodeling project, check out our free, easy to use online garage remodel cost calculator.
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