Kitchen remodeling - photo by Colleen Lane

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to take the plunge and remodel their kitchens. It might just be that you’ve recently moved to a new home and the kitchen is in a state of disrepair. Maybe your kitchen is feeling old and tired, or perhaps you’ve finally decided to take out a loan and give yourself the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted! Whatever the reason, there’s lots of new innovations in kitchen design to help you along the way.

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home and is increasingly not just used as a room to cook in. Most new homes now have open-plan kitchen-living areas, and a growing number of people are deciding to remodel in this way too.

Kitchens used to be much smaller as there was much less to fit in them. But today we rely much more on a range of time-saving appliances and it won’t do to have our surfaces cluttered with various gadgets, so the space and design elements should incorporate these for easy use.

Appliances now come built-in as standard in most kitchen remodels, with dishwashers, microwaves, fridge-freezers and garbage disposal being incorporated into kitchen designs instead of being installed separately. This is a great innovation as your essential kitchen appliances can now blend seamlessly with overall look and feel of the room. This is especially helpful if you want a more rustic look in your kitchen and don’t want a chrome dishwasher spoiling the vibe!

Tiny, single sinks are out; large double sinks are in! With the addition of a separate dish rinsing tap, you’ve got the extra space and professional efficiency that will not only look great but help keep your kitchen clutter free.

When it comes to stoves and ovens, there are a few different options you can consider. A large range with several burners, spacious oven underneath and extractor fan overhead creates a nice focal point for the room design-wise, and also gives you a cosy, traditional feeling. If you’re looking for a more modern design, you can choose a sleek counter-top stove and a separate eye-level oven paired with your microwave in a stylish stacked formation.

Materials are important too: you can evoke an Italian farmhouse kitchen with lots of soft wood and terracotta tiles, or go for a chic modern look with chrome surfaces and smooth clean lines. Of course you can always be really bold and choose striking primary colours for your surfaces; red, blue and yellow are very popular right now and look especially cheerful in a busy family kitchen.

Whatever your personal taste and style, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your kitchen should be both practical and beautiful, and we are here to help you realise your dream.