Remodel schedule

Update your Remodel Schedule

Step # 17 in the Kitchen Remodel Planner

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You have accomplished a lot!  Now it is time to update and revise your remodel schedule.  At this point in your Kitchen Remodel Planner you should have

  1. decided if you should remodel
  2. created a basic design
  3. Talked with professionals to get their input
  4. Created an initial schedule
  5. Created an initial budget and revised it
  6. Decided if you will do any of the work yourself

Update your Remodel Schedule

With all of this work completed the next step is to revisit your remodel schedule and update it based on all you have learned.   Here are a few tips regarding your preliminary schedule.

  1. Getting the permit – if required – usually takes longer than anyone anticipates
  2. To speed things along you should be selecting and documenting everything you want in your remodel.  From paint color, to lighting, base board style and outlet covers.  ALl of these little details tend to be overlooked at the beginning but slow a project down when you are nearing completion.  The other benefit to having all of these small items decided is you will likely get a more accurate quote without “allowances” for your project.
  3. Interviewing, selecting and hiring contractors also take longer than most people expect.  Then there is typically a delay from the time you sign the contract to when the contractor can start.
  4. Finally the contractor will likely be working on your project and others at the same time and your will feel – and may actually – progress very slowly.

Try to accommodate all of this in your updated schedule so that you can mentally prepare for the length of the project from start to finish.