Trims and moldings can really give your home a wonderful look when you use them to renovate any part of your house. They are particularly useful when renovating your

island kitchen crown molding

The contrasting molding on the tops of the cabinet are a great highlight. A bit unusual since the molding is darker than the cabinets. Photo provided by J. Sarter

kitchen and can totally transform the look. Giving a room a complete look is not the only benefit you will get from them. Some other uses are listed.

First, baseboards and shoe molding can be used to cover the joint between the floor and the wall and will help protect the lower part of the wall from damage.  In your dining area, chair rail molding will protect the walls at the height of the chair back. If you have a traditional type of kitchen, you can put in a picture rail as well. You can also use moldings to frame room openings. Place crown molding at the intersection of the ceiling and the wall as the final touch.

For door and window casings, one by six molding works well for a country kitchen, while more refined molding works better for a traditional style. Simple, elegant moldings can be used in contemporary kitchens. To be unique, you can even layer moldings, placing an ornate molding on top of a colorful one by six board, for example.

There are many different finishes available for moldings. You can buy the stained moldings or unfinished ones that can be finished to suit your kitchen style.  White moldings can also be beautiful when doing a kitchen remodeling.

Another option for your dining area is wainscoting. You can choose from many different styles, such as stained, painted, wood or vinyl.  The installation is sometimes difficult, depending on the delicateness of the moldings and the straightness of the walls.

When it comes to price, painted wood moldings are less expensive than stained or unfinished ones, as they use lower quality wood. You can save further by buying plastic or vinyl moldings.

In terms of style, moldings come in a wide variety for you to choose from. It is important to make the right choice, as moldings that are too big or too decorative may overwhelm you kitchen. On the other hand, moldings that are too small don’t have much impact. A good suggestion is to buy baseboards that are 6″ – 8″ tall.

All in all, when remodeling your kitchen, moldings can be an excellent inexpensive addition.

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