Advanced wall framing is a set of techniques used in a wood-framed house, which reduces the amount of lumber used in the project and reduces the amount of waste in construction of the house. Advanced wall framing is also called optimum value engineering (OVE).

The main elements of this approach to house framing are:

(1) space wall studs up to 24 inches apart on-center,

(2) design the home, the addition or the remodel on 2-foot or 4-foot square modules (this saves cutting and labor when using sheet goods, such as plywood,

(3) space floor joists and roof rafters up to 24 inches apart on-center,

(4) use in-line framing, which places floor, wall and roof framing elements in a vertical line in order to transfer the load directly downward into the foundation,

(5) use two-stud corner framing,

(6) use inexpensive drywall clips or scrap lumber to back drywall instead of so many studs,

(7) eliminate headers in non-load-bearing walls, and

(8) use single lumber headers and top plates when appropriate.