Your options for bathroom cabinets when you remodel are vast. Whether your cabinets are or are not actually a vanity, you can purchase cabinets in most any wood, with any finish, in any combination of cabinets, shelves and drawers you believe is best suited for your decorating plan. The standard vanity is 30 to 36 inches high; you can choose depths of 18 or 24 inches. You can use floor mounted, wall mounted and even corner models. These can be topped with any countertop material you choose.

You can find cabinets in any style you choose and combine units in whatever way fits your needs and your decor. Today it is also possible to choose a vanity or a set of cabinets that look like furniture. You can also just use a piece of furniture if there is enough space in your bath. Open shelving is increasingly popular in bathrooms today, whether you cut an alcove in the wall for toiletries or you build a set of shelves large enough to hold a small TV or shelves with decorative baskets for towels, etc.

Putting organizers in cabinets, drawers, etc. will help you have easy access to items and maximize your space. You will want to be careful to not allow storage spaces to overpower the bathroom. The rule of thumb is that the smaller the bathroom the less “furniture” you should use. As you think about your storage needs and the space available in your bathroom, you might also consider a large area of mirror on one wall, with several doors that open to cabinets recessed in the wall. This allows you to have several medicine cabinets for storage and still have the reflective characteristics of mirrors to make the room look bigger.

Finally, think about who has access to the bathroom and what you store there. Cleaning products and medications can be very dangerous to curious children. You might find it well worth the extra cost to buy models that include safety locks on some areas or to add locks.