Linoleum flooring - photo by Gerry

by Dan Fritschen

Linoleum has long been a favorite floor material for homeowners to use in their kitchens, and there are a number of good reasons for this. However, with the recent trend in more upscale home remodeling projects, many people are instead opting for more expensive tile and hardwood flooring.

These are also great materials to use and can look stunning – but there are a number of good reasons you shouldn’t discount linoleum when you’re planning your kitchen remodel.


One of linoleum’s top qualities is that it is durable and hard-wearing. It’s water resistant and it doesn’t wear or fade so it’s great for areas with a high footfall – perfect for a kitchen!


The cost of a kitchen remodel will always be something you’re thinking about – any way to keep costs down while getting a good job done with the best materials available is a priority. Linoleum tends to be much cheaper than many other natural materials so can lower the cost of your kitchen remodel. As linoleum also lasts a very long time, it’s a great investment to make.


Linoleum may have fallen out of fashion but one of the reasons it’s coming back into regular use is because of its environmentally friendly credentials. Many people think it’s a plastic type material, but it’s actually made from renewable ingredients including linseed oil, wood flour, cork dust and various mineral fillers. It’s also reusable and recyclable so has a shelf life beyond that of whichever room it is installed in. When you do come to dispose of it, linoleum biodegrades naturally and won’t release any toxic or harmful gases into the atmosphere.


Despite being tough and durable, linoleum’s natural softness means it is easier to cut and install which saves time and effort on your remodel! If you drop dishes on the floor, which we all do in the kitchen from time to time, they are less likely to break on a floor with some give in it. Finally, those cold winter mornings won’t be so bad on a linoleum floor as opposed to a freezing cold tile floor!

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