By Dan Fritschen

cost to remodel a kitchen

Kitchen Window photo by Tim Crowe


The main characteristics of a Traditional Style kitchen include:

– some formality,

– wood cabinets,

– shiny or glossy finish on cabinets,

– if cabinets are natural wood, they are usually mahogany or cherry,

– if cabinets are painted, they are usually white or ivory,

– cabinet doors will have a raised-panel design,

– use of crown moldings and, maybe, wainscoting,

– countertops, no matter what the material, are shiny,

– detailed edges on counter surfaces,

– wood, laminate or ceramic tile floors,

– no trendy elements,

– use of details and fixtures that create a more formal appearance,

– Southern traditional style might use pink cabinets and include antique furniture for accent,

– French traditional style might be created with hammered copper on some facings and surfaces and a ceramic tile backsplash in bright colors,

– Tuscan traditional style might be accomplished by intentionally mis-matching some of the cabinets and furniture or by including elements from classical architecture (columns, arches).

Blending styles – such as traditional and modern – can also work for some homes and some homeowners.  The most important consideration in a kitchen design is how will you like it!  Kitchens get a lot of use and abuse so ensure whichever countertop, appliances and cabinets you choose will withstand the use and be easy to clean and maintain.

Costs for kitchen remodels don’t necessarily vary with your choice of style.  Modern kitchens do not have to be more or less expensive than traditional so dont let remodeling costs dictate your decision – design the kitchen in the style you like.