The most popular functional kitchen layouts are:

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(1) Galley Kitchen — long and narrow with appliances, sink, etc. positioned along two opposing long walls. They are very efficient because of their compact size. With careful planning, cabinetry can provide a surprising amount of storage.

(2) L-shaped kitchen — a very efficient option for construction. They are either open to other rooms of the house or provide space for informal dining. The traditional L-shape places refrigerator, dishwasher and sink on one wall, with range or cook top on the adjacent wall. It is very popular where there will be multiple points of entry. Adding an island can provide a second work area, dining space or added storage. They are very efficient, practical and versatile.

(3) U-shaped kitchen — a very popular design because it is versatile. It is especially suited to larger spaces in which you will either have more than one cook or you want multiple work zones. This style often has refrigerator and sink on opposite walls with cooking appliances on the connecting wall. An island is helpful in creating additional work areas. These are ideal for families that need a large amount of counter space or storage space.

(4) G-shaped kitchen — This design is created by adding an island or peninsula to a G-shape. It can also be created by adding a kitchen table. In a gourmet or heavily used kitchen, the extra space allows for baking area, food prep area, a drinks and snacks area. It can also direct traffic away from the work area(s). This is a very popular eat-in style.

The most important consideration in any layout is to plan for the most efficient work triangles.