The most important water conservation concerns in a kitchen remodel are probably these:

> install an aerator on every faucet

> choose a water-saving dishwasher or a dishwasher that allows you to use only part of the appliance

> install separate dishwashers for pots and pans and cooking utensils and for dishes and flatware

> consider either a separate water heater or an instant water heater for the kitchen 101 Ways to Save Money When by by Dan Fritschen

>insulate pipes that run from the water heater to the dishwasher and sink so you will not need to run water as long while waiting for the hot water to reach the faucet.

Power conservation tips for your kitchen remodel include the following:

> use instant water heaters or a separate water heater for the kitchen, placed in close proximity to the kitchen

> choose high-efficiency EnergyStar rated appliances

> choose a dishwasher that allows you to use only part of the space for a small load of dishes

> choose only energy efficient lighting fixtures

> use only flluorescent bulbs or tubes in light fixtures

> bring in as much natural light as possible

> use a window to vent the kitchen whenever possible

> insulate walls adequately

> choose windows with the highest possible insulating value

> install a ceiling fan if the kitchen will have a very high ceiling

> consider installing a small second refrigerator for drinks and snacks so the main unit is opened less frequently

> choose a refrigerator with through-the-door water and ice dispensing

> choose a high-efficiency ventilation system

> consider installing solar panels to provide power for kitchen appliances

>consider booster fans for heating/cooling vents to increase heating/cooling efficiency