Pros and Cons for Finishing Your Basement

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On the positive side, access is usually easy. Most builders provide some access from the main floor of the house into the basement. Utilities will also be likely to be easily accessible. A large basement offers many possibilities for use as living space and can be easily divided into rooms or into less formal areas. Because the exterior walls, foundation, floor and roof are already in place, finishing out and building interior partition walls will be relatively inexpensive. You might even have stub plumbing already installed by the builder.

On the negative side, you might find it necessary to make a tradeoff between the way you want to use the space and the way you have been using it. Whether the concrete floor is the perfect place for your kids to skate or skateboard, the basement is the perfect place for your home gym, or you are using the basement for storage, you might need to reallocate that space.