At least in theory, you should feel relatively safe having the contractor you hired in your home. But there is no reason to invite problems.

Put up some kind of barrier to keep pets out of the work area.

If it will be necessary to move a pet’s bowl or access to the outdoors, start early and get your pet acclimated to the change well before work begins.

Ensure that no child will be at home alone during the construction. Arrange for a trusted adult to be present whenever a child is at home.

Instruct your children to stay well away from the work area. Because they will be curious, you might consider taking them into the construction area in the evening, when workers are not present. Satisfying curiosity can make a big difference in keeping children safe. Set clear boundaries around the work area for children of all ages.

Set clear boundaries for workers around the work area, as well, so they do not have reason to enter the family living area.