Unless you are well trained and experienced in structural support and design, you will probably want to have experts designing your remodel. Taking part of an attic to be a loft and opening the rest with a new ceiling can be a beautiful change in your home, but it also opens the door to many mistakes.

You will need to have adequate support for the loft and a way to use the structure of the house to carry the weight to the foundation. At the same time, you will need to change the structural support for the roof in the open area.

The next issue will be to find an attractive railing or half-wall between the loft and the lower level of the house. While you will certainly want an attractive wall or railing, it will also need to be sturdy and have small enough openings between the rails to prevent children from falling.

You will also want to choose all materials and design elements to ensure compatibility of the new loft with the rest of the house. You might want to consider cabinets and other enclosed areas for storage of toys and games so they will not be visible from the area below the loft.

The design of the ceiling for the new loft will also need special attention. You will want a seamless flow from the existing ceiling, but you also might want to do something special to draw attention to the higher ceiling. This might be a pitched, vaulted or tray ceiling.