Many experts and advisers suggest the use of certain forms in planning a remodel, selecting a contractor, developing a contract, and implementing a remodeling plan. Most of the forms help you keep information organized. Others help you ensure consistency in requesting quotes, making changes from a signed contract, or gathering information.

We recommend the following:

Contract Record Table – a chart of all of the contractors you will research and/or interview, it contains all contact information about a contractor. It enables you to keep this information handy and have a quick point of reference as you begin to interview contractors.

Contractor Interview Checklist – a list of questions you will ask each contractor you interview, with spaces to write down answers to questions, license numbers, etc. Using a contractor interview checklist ensures that you are consistent with each contractor you interview and that you can quickly and conveniently make notes for later reference.

Request for Quote Form – this form is a list of specifications and materials, with as much detail as possible, that you will give to each contractor you ask for a quote. Using a Request for Quote Form ensures that every contractor is bidding on exactly the same job.

Contractor Reference Interview Script/Checklist – a list of questions you want to ask of the contractor’s references. This list will help you stay on track during the interview and ask everything you want. It can also provide a convenient way to make notes during the interview.

Quote Comparison Form – a chart that allows you to compare the quotes given by the contractors you are considering. You will need spaces to compare price, type of quote, and other defining or qualifying information.

Contractor Comparison Chart – this chart will help you gather your  impressions, notes, quotes and other information about the contractors you interview. It will make it easy for you to evaluate the different contractors in regard to the points that are important to you.

Permits and Inspections Checklist – Once you have selected your contractor, you can use the Permits and Inspections Checklist to ensure that your contractor has purchased all appropriate permits and scheduled all necessary inspections. You can use it to record when the inspections have been completed.

Change order a simple document in which all changes in regard to the terms, materials, fixtures, etc. stated in the contract are agreed upon by the contractor and the homeowner. The document will state the type of change, the reason for the change, the additional cost of the change, and will include a place for the signature or initials of the homeowner and the contractor, and the date. This can avoid many disagreements later.