A request for quote form is a vital piece of paperwork. This piece of paper will meet two critical requirements:

it will allow you to be certain that you explain your project to each contractor you interview in exactly the same way, and

it allows you to review what each contractor uses as the basis for his or her quote.

This form will be your documentation of the information about the project given to the contractor. The form should list your name and contact information (address, phone) and a brief description of the project. The page should be divided into sections, in which each material used in the project is listed — foundation, demolition, plumbing, drywall, painting, fixtures, etc. — as well as the detailed specifications (if known) for each of the materials.

Space should be allowed for the contractor to list the amount estimated for the cost of materials and the amount for labor (separately). You should also list any of the items you (the homeowner) will provide and any work you will do on the project.

Then indicate a space for the contractor to provide their liability insurance policy number and the name of the insurer, and the name of the company that provides their workers comp insurance. Also provide a space for the Contractor to list his or her name, address, phone number. Ask for a specification as to whether the numbers on the sheet are an estimate or a firm price. Finally, have the contractor sign and date the document.