Appliance refacing can be very simple. It is a matter of replacing the front and side panels of your appliances with a material or design you prefer. If, for example, you still have an avocado green refrigerator/freezer in your basement that no longer fits the decor of your remodeled space, instead of investing in a new appliance now, you can simply buy new front and side panels in the color or finish of your choice — even copper or stainless steel — and switch them with the old panels. If the manufacturer doesn’t have exactly what you want, you can try a third party manufacturer.

You can do the same with other appliances. The point of refacing is that it can usually be done in a matter of a week or so, depending on when the supplier can ship to you and when you can do the installation. Some appliances are actually made so that you can turn the panels to change the color. You can even buy holiday or seasonal themed panels from third party manufacturers and change them out for variety.

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