Achieving proper ventilation is based on a combination of intake vents and exhaust vents.

Vents should be located at a low height (as soffit grilles or continuous soffit vents at the roof eaves) and high height (near the roof peak, in the form of gable-wall vents or fans, ridge vents, or roof ventilators).

Gable vents, static vents, soffit vents and circular vents are intake vents. Exhaust vent options include soffit ventilation, a continuous ridge vent or a wind turbine.

Gable vents are not always very effective because air circulates only near the gables. These are, however the best option for high roof slope.

Static vents can be subject to leaks.

Continuous ridge vents are easy to install and provide airflow to the highest point of the attic. These are a very good choice for wood shake, shingles, composition shingles, roof tiles or metal roofing. They should be combined with a number of low vents in the eaves or soffits.