The best material for bathroom countertops will probably be either glass, a laminate or a synthetic, unless you plan to use ceramic tiles throughout.

Some of the new synthetic materials or “solid surface” materials make the sink and the countertop in one continuous piece of the same material. These are wonderfully easy to keep clean, they stand up well to the daily use of primary bathrooms, and they are available in just about any color or finish you might want.

Laminates will cost less that solid surface. A problem with laminates can be some peeling at the edges and corners over time.

Glass is a wonderful material for countertops if you want something different, or something to add accent to ceramic tile or acrylic tub and shower surrounds. Whether the glass is “new” or “recycled” from old soda bottles, glass can be made in an infinite number of colors and textures.

A shower surround in a shade that complements a countertop color can produce a very striking finished room. If you want to use stone, it might be better to look at the synthetics because of the ease with which some stone (and concrete) can crack, chip or scratch with heavy daily use.