As you plan your home addition, you will probably quickly discover a number of constraints on your design. This will apply particularly to where you position the addition.

> You will need to comply with zoning laws, set-back requirements and building code stipulations.

> You might also need to comply with restrictions imposed by the neighborhood homeowners association.

> If you have a historic home, you might also need to observe special restrictions.

Many areas will prohibit any additions to the front of the house. It is usually easiest to comply with all regulations and find the space you need by positioning your addition in the back of the house.

The “lay of the land” will also dictate some areas where you can or cannot position your addition. Adding upward with a full or partial second floor (or third floor) will save money and your yard.

If you can design an addition for the side of your house, you can keep your back yard for family activities.