The cost of a remodeling project varies from one project to the next. A small remodeling job with you handling the majority of the work yourself is going to be relatively cheap compared to a larger job that you hire a Project Manager or general contractor, move out of the house until the project is completed, and choose premium materials.

There are several ways to get an estimate for a project. You may want to choose a couple of them in order to get a better idea of the actual cost of your remodeling project.
An In Store Estimate is an estimate you would get from a building supply store. These are given as only an example of the range of cost you may incur. This estimate is not as useful as an estimate from a contractor.
A Cost Per Square Foot estimate is an estimate that is given by the amount of square footage you plan on remodeling. If you want to expand an existing family room, you would take the square footage of the existing one, add it to the square footage of the expansion, then multiply that by a dollar amount. This type of estimate does little to help in your quest for accuracy.
An estimate from a contractor or architect would be the most accurate estimate of the three. They would take into consideration the cost of supplies, permits, electricians, inspections, demolition, and any additional costs you may not have thought of, such as disposal of demolition rubbish. Contractors and architects know the market for supplies, costsĀ for permits and disposal rates, and they may be able to get these materials for much less than you could.