The safety of children in bathrooms is a critical consideration for parents, but one that is not often given due attention when remodels are being planned. The leading dangers for children in bathrooms are drowning, slip and fall, scalding, and accessibility of toxic substances.

Because children are exposed to so many potential dangers in a bathroom, the first safety measure you might want to consider is having a security alarm placed on bathroom doors. It will be important to place it at a height that will not miss a child. Whether your system emits a siren or a chime, some sound that alerts you when someone enters Bathroom Remodeling Workbook by Dan Fritschena bathroom will give you time to reach the bathroom before a child can get into much trouble. A child can drown in as little as an inch of water. Yet children often love to play in water.

The first safety precaution is to try to keep young children out of bathrooms unless they are accompanied by an adult. Second, remove bathtub or sink stoppers from the reach of children when they are not in use. Try to choose faucets and drain devices that cannot be operated or accessed by young children. Never leave a step stool for a bath tub in the bathroom when there is not an adult present with the child.

Choose rough-textured bottoms for showers and tubs, as well as steps and tub surrounds, or install rubber pads to prevent slipping. This will greatly reduce the risk of slipping and falling. Also be careful about the type of small mats or rugs you use in a bathroom. Be sure they have a non-slip rubber backing to prevent slips and falls. A fall in a bathroom, because of the hard and sharp corners and surfaces can be particularly dangerous for children.

Many children are scalded when they turn on hot faucets. Check to be certain that all faucets include anti-scald devices or purchase and install them separately. Remember that a child’s skin can burn very easily.

Finally, purchase or have cabinets and drawers in bathroom vanities made with a lock for any cabinet or drawer in which toxic substances — whether cleaning substances or medications — will be stored.