The top priorities in designing your bathroom remodel should probably be the following:

1. Careful planning (to get it right and to save money),

2. Find and hire the best contractor for the job,

3. Functionality,

4. Comfort and style (the style and decor you like),

5. Cost,

6. Value,

7. Accessibility,

8. Safety,

9. Eco-friendliness.

It would be very difficult to try to rank these priorities in order. There would be some variation from one person to the next, but these concerns are so universal that most must stand on an equal footing.

If you have a bathroom that is simply not functioning and must be remodeled, managing the cost of the project might be the most important priority. If your reasons for remodeling are aesthetic, the design and decor will be top priority.

If you are remodeling to accommodate the needs of children, someone with a disability, or an aging parent, accessibility and safety will probably be at the top of your list.

While you might have still other considerations in deciding to remodel (such as preparing the house for sale), these top nine priorities should probably be somewhere in your list.