When interviewing a contractor you should feel free to ask any questions you believe to be important in making a choice of the contractor you will hire for your project. You need to ask enough questions to decide if you are comfortable with this individual being in your home and if you can communicate clearly about the project.

The other goals of the interview are:

(1) get proof of licensing and certification required by state or county,

(2) get proof of insurance,

(3) find out if all sub-contractors are properly licensed and certified,

(4) find out if they use illegal immigrants on the work teams,

(5) find out if the contractor has enough experience with the kind of project you want done,

(6) determine whether the contractor is capable of completing the job,

(7) get the names and contact information for references,

(8) get a price estimate for the job and find out how the contractor estimates the price of the job,

(9) determine if the contractor is committed to the quality you expect in both materials and workmanship,

(10) and decide if you would be comfortable working with the contractor.