The goal when interviewing references given by a contractor is to determine what kind of experience other homeowners had when working with this individual, how easy or difficult the person is to work with, and how satisfied previous customers of the contractor are with the results of their projects.

Your questions should focus on these kinds of questions about the contractor, the project completed by the contractor, and the results. Some of the things you will want to learn from a contractor’s previous customers is how the customer felt about working with the individual.

You must decide several things before you decide to hire a particular contractor:

> Is the quality of the person’s work up to your standards?

> Is the contractor reasonably priced in terms of standard rates?

> Is the contractor committed to quality?

> Does the contractor listen to what the customer wants?

> Can you trust the contractor to be in your home?

> Can you trust the contractor to do what is promised?

> Can you talk to the contractor?

> Can you work together?