A home is a constant work in progress. Not only do the times and your tastes change but a home naturally must be kept up and repaired. Deciding what improvements to make often depends on your plans for your home. If staying for an extended period your personal goals for your home must be considered, such as do you want a new office or need extra living space. But if you only plan to stay there for another year other options must be considered.

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All homes need upkeep, and your planned length of stay should be taken into account accordingly. Small and seasonal repairs are expected and, if done properly and with a planned budget, can be done easily and with little hassle. Perhaps it is time for a touch up paint job or to refinish the moldings. Perhaps the doors have seen better days and are in need of replacement. These repairs, though small, can add value to your home and can add just enough of a change to help keep your home new and aesthetically pleasing. As always, plan for these small renovations and budget accordingly. Staying on top of repairs will help save you money in the long run. They can cut down on the amount of work for future larger projects and will help the resale value of your home by keeping its look new and fresh. If you are not planning to stay in the home there is no need to spend a fortune on a personalized project, slight upkeep and repairs may just be enough to entice potential buyers.

Perhaps larger improvements are called for or desired? Make sure your future plans coincide with your plans for the house.  You can try the Should Your Remodel calculator to help you decide – click here .  If you decide to stay in the home for an extended period of time adding a new room or finishing a basement to your specific needs makes sense and should be well thought out and budgeted for. If you have decided to move within a year then perhaps only major issues should be addressed. If a project such as changing the flooring or repainting a room is needed plan and budget accordingly. Make good use of color and material and do not over extend your costs. Certain styles and colors are universally pleasing and the future owner should be making the decisions on future renovations. An enormous and costly remodel may raise the value of your home but may not offset the cost of installing it.