What you should look for in a bathroom contractor cannot be easily defined. What you need is reliable information about some of the professionals in your area. There are a few different ways that you can gather this type of information, but in most cases it is not as easy as you might initially think. 

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In trying to determine what you should look for in a bathroom contractor, think about how you approach selecting a new physician. You wouldn’t simply choose a doctor out of a phone book without knowing anything about him or her would you? It simply makes people more comfortable to seek professional help from someone that they know something about. If you don’t have the resources to investigate a professional’s educational background and work experience, then the next best thing is to have personal references from people that you know and trust. The best way to find this information is by consulting your friends and family members.
If you find that you are having difficulty locating people you know who have recently hired a contractor, then consider looking online. Searching the Internet is always a great idea when you need to compile research. If you are thorough enough, you should be able to locate a variety of different types of information about the contractors that you find in your location. As you figure out what you should look for in a bathroom contractor, remember to make sure that each professional is licensed and insured for worker’s compensation and property damage. Also ask for at least three references from each bathroom contractor that you are considering hiring.