Payback for remodeling can be evaluated in several ways.

If you define payback in terms of providing a wow factor to help sell your home, the most important rooms are the entrance foyer, the kitchen and the bathrooms. Over time, bathrooms and kitchens tend to produce the highest payback on the amount invested in the remodel.

On the basis of recent national averages, a minor kitchen remodel produces the largest payback, immediately followed by a major kitchen remodel. This clearly emphasizes the importance of an up-to-date, functional and attractive kitchen.

Bathrooms come next in terms of remodel payback, followed by finishing an attic into a bedroom and a basement remodel. A space for a home gym is also trendy at the beginning of 2010.

There is another kind of remodeling payback that is seldom measured in dollars. This kind of payback is the comfort and happiness of your family. In some cases a remodel can bring peace of mind, as in the case of adding a suite for aging parents.