This is a room with an irregular floor plan. The floor and walls are covered with 24”x12” brown tiles for the main space and the secondary space with 24”x12” white tiles. These two spaces are divides by a frameless clear glass door. The main space is composed by a white bathtub and a white sink next to it. The bathtub has a free space on each side. Beside the bathtub is a frosted glass window. The sink has a mirror with a white frame and lights above it. The secondary space is the toilet area. The style of all the fixtures has square edges.




. The use of white for the fixture makes it looks elegant and simple and creates rhythm.

. The pedestal sink leaves more free space.  

. The use of the frameless clear glass door makes the room look bigger.

. The window, brings in sunlight.

. The use of no decorative items gives a cleaner and simpler look.



. The color could be lighter to make a fresher environment.

. The mirror could be recessed into the wall.

. There should be a specific place for the towel when the bathtub is in use.