This is a 9’x 8’ bathroom. It has a pickled oak floor. The color of this room is white. The walls are white as all the fixtures. Above the wall-mounted sink is a mirror without frame of the same width as the sink. Next to it is a decorative table with a white flower pot with a plant with white flowers. Above it is an oval mirror. Both mirrors lay in a relief in wood in the middle of the wall. In front of this is an independent bathtub (not attached to the floor), near to a glass window. Across is a sofa of the same color as the floor.


. The use of white makes it looks elegant and simple.

. The window brings in sunlight.

. The pedestal sink gives more free space.

. The use of a mirror without frame makes the room looks bigger and reflects the light to the room.

. The plant gives a natural environment to the room.



. The use of elements sprinkled around the room (scale, hamper, etc.) makes the room look disorderly. Instead there should be a specific space for these free-standing elements.

. The bath products shouldn’t be located in front of the window.

.The window should be clear to make an unobstructed view.