You may say that you can basically do anything you want to do with your house since it’s a private property, so why secure a permit?

It is a grandfather rule that all electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and structural remodels require a permit, which needs to be obtained from the building inspection division of your local municipality. In essence, home renovation falls under structural remodeling. Thus, you have to contact your nearest municipal council to secure a permit, as well as determine the requirements (if any) and how much it would cost you.

Just so you know, it could be possible that you do not need a permit at all. It depends on the nature of your remodeling project. If it does not change the original structure, like painting or siding work, then you can breeze through with your remodeling. Otherwise, if the project entails changing your doorways or putting a new window to your room, then you have to pay your local council a visit.

What are the requirements for securing a permit?

All you have to bring with you is your original building plan and the proposed remodel plan. The latter should include details and specifics of the renovation. This gives the authorities a heads up on the nature of your project and enables them to levy the necessary fees: flat fee, minimum archive fee, and application fee.

How will I secure a permit?

In hand with the requirements, you must submit them to the building inspection division of your local municipality. Once approved, you can now go ahead with the remodeling process. A government contractor will drop by the site in the mid-way through the project to approve work currently done. You should be responsible enough that things work according to plan and you work by schedule and priority.

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