It was not all that long ago that home elevators and stairway glide chairs were only for wealthy people with special needs.  So why are there so many home elevators today? First, home elevators have become more affordable, partly in response to increased demand for them. But there are actually several reasons why we are seeing so many home elevators in new and remodeled homes today.

1. Home elevators make multi-story homes accessible. Affordability of home elevators is making it possible for persons with disabilities who were previously limited to single-story homes to live comfortably in two-story homes. A second group for whom accessibility of upper stories is important is those who have health problems, like heart trouble or arthritis. These people might not be “disabled”, but life is easier when an elevator is available. A third group benefiting from a home elevator is the elderly. The number of people in America over the age of sixty-five is quickly doubling. A home elevator offers both comfort and safety.
2. Home elevators make multi-story homes convenient. Whether you are carrying groceries from the garage to the kitchen or carrying laundry back and forth to the basement, an elevator saves energy and time. Coming in from an outing with small children is both easier and safer with an elevator. A home elevator can also save several trips to the attic with Christmas decorations. As the price of land continues to rise in many areas, homes are increasingly built on smaller lots. These homes are built to a desirable size by adding a third (or fourth) floor. A home elevator makes life a bit easier in homes over two stories.
3. Home elevators are now the ultimate luxury appliance in upscale homes. Adding a home elevator has become the preferred home value of the new century. Whether you are remodeling your home into a showplace or planning to put your multi-story home on the market, a home elevator is the new mark of luxury. A home elevator will make your home more desirable and more attractive to prospective home buyers.

Home elevators are made for indoor and outdoor installation to meet the varying needs of homeowners. Whether you want an outdoor elevator to carry the children from the pool to rooms on the third floor without tracking and dripping through the house, or you want your aging parent to be able to move from the kitchen to a second floor bedroom, there is a home elevator that will meet your needs.

Consider the value of increased home accessibility, convenience and ease for your family and increased home value to understand why so many home elevators are being installed today. Then decide if a home elevator is right for you.