Have you paid attention to the different ways windows open? If you are replacing the windows in your home, or adding new ones, take a look at the different styles of windows to see which one best meets your needs.

Illustration from the Window and Door Manufacturers Association

Select windows to make your house a more comfortable place to live as well as making it more energy efficient. You may get the chance, too, to change the size of your windows or change their style and the material they’re made of. If you change from wood-framed to vinyl-framed windows, they can be simpler to maintain.

When you replace your windows, it is a good time to decide which windows are best for the part of the home you are remodeling. Think about materials and shape, as well as how the window is to open. In fact, here are six different types of windows:

1. Windows that don’t open are called fixed panel. These can be made of a single pane or multiple panes. Framed glass blocks are also of this type. Fixed panel windows are made in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are optimal for basements, sun rooms, and in highly decorative situations.

2. Awning windows open by swinging the panel upward, having it act an awning to the outside. These windows work by turning a crank to open or just manually pushing open, then braced or latched into the right position.

3. Casement windows are opened via a crank that swings the window out like a door. Such windows are often used in places that are hard reach (like over a sink).

4. A double-hung window is created out of two panes which are partially overlapping and move up and down on a track located at the sides of the frame. Many are designed so that one or more panes pivot inward to make it easier to clean the outside of the pane.

5. A single-hung window functions exactly like a double hung window, with the exception that only the lower pane is movable. They are used in similar situations as double-hung windows.

6. A sliding window is opened by sliding a pane horizontally in front of or behind another pane. Such windows were commonly used at one time. They are used today in remodeling projects or new construction where there isn’t enough vertical space for other types of windows.

You can find any one of these window types in a variety of designs and materials. Do some planning in order to select the right window for each part of your remodeling project.

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