An important part of many remodeling and home addition projects is the inspection by the city or local government. Frequently these inspections are for each phase of the project from the foundation to the rough and a lot of the finish work.  The goal of these inspections is principally for safety and to ensure the construction workers are following standard building practices and the local building code.
The building inspection process and the building inspectors themselves are often maligned for a variety of reasons but their input is an important part of a successful remodeling project so you and your contractor should view the inspectors and their inspections as opportunities to meet milestones and ensure the project is completed to meet building codes.
To have the best success with inspectors don’t see them as an adversary but as a partner in your remodeling project.  When you or your contractor meet with them – look to the building inspector for advice and guidance. If you meet them with this attitude and a honest interest in doing what is right and building a safe home it is likely the inspector will appreciate your attitude.  It is also very helpful to take detailed notes of what the inspector finds as a start of a punch list.  

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If you can – anything that you or a helper can fix while the inspector is on site will get one item off your punch list and show the inspector that you are taking their input seriously.  The items that you can not complete while they are onsite you can do in following day or two then schedule a reinspection.