Question: My bathroom remodel cost is$12,000. Why does it cost so much?

bathroom remodel cost

Bathroom Remodel

Answer:  Remodeling has always been famous for being expensive. There are many reasons why remodeling is expensive – a big part of typical bathroom remodel cost is that the it is a short term project and there are many unique skills required and special materials so that creates lots of starting and stopping when compared to building 10 or 20 new homes at the same time where there is lots of repetition and it is a long term project and the materials are the same for each house. So the unknowns and relatively small size of remodels increases the price substantially – 2 or 3 times as much as a new bathroom in a new house. Then there is the skill set needed. To be effective at remodeling a worker needs to be able to overcome obstacles – like different pipe sizes, or walls out of plumb and that requires more experience than an average construction worker and therefore labor costs go up. Another big cost of remodeling is the quoting and prep work before your remodel starts. A contractor may quote a few other jobs before winning your business. A big cost is the quoting for all the jobs that the contractor doesn’t get and that cost goes somewhere – which is to the projects they do get which increases the price. Regardless of why the cost is high – consider what it is worth to you to have a nice new bathroom remodel and for most people it is a worthwhile investment. There are several online remodel cost calculators you can try and help get an instant estimate without having all the details – a contractor needs all the details to give you a quote – the online calculators need a lot less but only will give your a rough estimate.