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31 Responses to Bathroom Remodeling Cost Calculator

  1. torontojoe says:

    I’m remodeling a bathroom that currently has a sink, tub and countertops with blue and white swirl marble. The walls are blue and the cabinets etc are white – any suggestions for a new wall color?

  2. Thomas says:

    Sounds like a lighter color such as a grey could brighten up the room and look pretty sleek. If you want something warmer then aim for a warmer beige color.

    Whatever you do, make sure you get some paint samples first so you can see which works best!

  3. I just saw the following question…How do i remodel a bathroom for less than $5,000. All the parts and pieces will cost me $1600?

    and my answer

    Wow if you can buy everything for $1600 that is great! The labor is going to be tough. Tiling takes several days – depending on the style etc. so that alone can cost you $1000 in labor – maybe. It just depends on who you hire.

    You will need to focus on buying things that are easy (cheap) to install. Prefab shower/bath surround, etc. The average cost to remodel a bathroom is closer to $10k…you can certainly get it done for$5k here a few suggestions.

    Focus on keeping the labor cost down..but hire skilled workers! Dont hire someone who isnt into doing a good job. If you get 1 person who can do most or all teh work that is best. Saves on travel time, etc.

    Do a lot of planning
    Look for deals when buying everything. Spend time shopping has some great out for shipping and return policies has GREAT deals…if you are flexible on the design. Tubs, toilets, windows, vanities lights..everything for free!
    dont forget and similar.
    you can get an estimate for the total cost to remodel a bathroom with the calculators at also you can search and save photos of bathrooms

    Oh – first thing – use good quality vinyl for the floor. It wont last as long as tile but it is easier to clean, a lot less expensive to buy and install and looks great if you buy the expensive stuff

    Then of course you can do some of the work yourself. Learning how to do the electrical and plumbing will save you a ton of money and will come in handy in the future

    Good luck

  4. Robert says:

    I’ve done my fair share of tiling so can do that myself to reduce the cost of a bathroom remodel!

  5. hiho low says:

    Tiles themselves can drive up the cost of a bathroom remodel, and keep in mind the labor will drive up costs too.

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