Bedroom additions are popular home improvements because of the great value they add to a home, their relative low cost and the improvement in quality of life they can offer.  Two teenagers sharing a bedroom is not a recipe for family bliss!

So how much does it cost to build a bedroom estimate and how does a homeowner get a cost estimate?  The answer is!  Try the bedroom addition cost estimating calculator to get an instant estimate of the cost to build a bedroom addition and a breakdown of the cost by labor and materials.

The 4 main cost drivers for a bedroom addition are the material you choose, the design of the bedroom addition, who does the work to build your bedroom addition and where you home is located. These 4 cost drivers are used by the addition calculator to estimate the cost for your project.

The materials you choose – from the type of foundation to the flooring inside and finally the roofing materials can double the price of your bedroom addition.  The lowest cost additions are typical built on a concrete slab – and full basement is the most expensive type of foundation.  The decisions you make on materials continue at every level in your new addition.  For example you can use carpet for the flooring and spend just a few dollars a square foot or select exotic hardwoods which can cost more than $20 a square foot.  The decisions continue impacting price finally ending at the roof with your choice of roofing materials – will it be low cost asphalt shingles or high-end tile or metal?  The choice is yours!

The design of your bedroom addition greatly impacts the price as well.  a simple square is the lowest cost building to construct with few windows and doors – as you add corners and windows and doors the price goes up and up.  Including skylights and vaulted ceiling add to the cost as well.

Who does the work has a big impact on a bedroom addition cost because labor typically accounts for 60% or more of the cost.  If you hire an architect and a general contractor who has as lot of overhead and is busy then you will likely spend twice what a homeowner who may hire a drafter to do the design and may choose to manage the project themselves.  If you do the work yourself you can save even more paying 75% less than the homeowner who hired the most expensive workers and service providers.

Finally where your home is located has a big impact on the cost of labor and to a lesser extent materials.  If you home is in San Francisco or Manhattan you can expect to pay 3 times more for your bedroom home addition than the price paid by your neighbors in Wyoming or Mississippi.  You do not have the option to move your home but if you do live in a more expensive area consider calling contractors based in lower cost areas an hours drive away.  Contractors are often commuters anyway to driving the extra distance to your project may not phase them at all and they may do a great job for you at 30% less than the contractors who office is right down the street from your home.   Good luck with getting a bedroom remodel cost estimate that fits your budget