Photograph by Jeremy Levine

by Bonnie Joy Designs

We all need to accept “change” in our lives and then embrace it by recreating our interiors. So why not change the surroundings in which you spend the majority of your time? Turn your bed and bedroom into a reflection of your present self, which has evolved over time.

Ask yourself what you now prefer: the four poster bed of your youth — which was simple and sturdy –or do you desire a more mature, modern version, with a platform bed with sleek, sexy black bedding?

As you acknowledge you have changed throughout the years, take control of your life: throw out the furniture that has been there for ages and which no longer represents who you are. Not only will you be on the path of self-discovery, but you will be more engaged in life.

So go ahead and take the plunge – renovate your bed(room) and reinvigorate your life!

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