Top 5 Best Freezerless Refrigerator 2019

Out of the many different types of refrigerators, freezerless models provide convenience to the users in many different ways. If you are a person that would like to have an extra refrigerator around the house to store your groceries, or you would already have a freezer, you will find this very useful. However, with the many options, it can easily be confusing for people to pick the best freezerless refrigerator.

We will you through the process without any problems. Highlighted features will tell you about the best ones in the market and you can use that list to find the most suitable one for you.

Best Freezerless Refrigerator Buying Guide
Freezerless Refrigerator buying guide
What is a Freezerless refrigerator?

A freezerless refrigerator is the one with huge storage space to accommodate everything you want. The refrigerator has the technology or electric sensors to keep the food inside as fresh as possible.

Why do I need a Freezerless refrigerator?

A freezerless refrigerator has many uses. Most people use it as side refrigerators in the garage to meal prep, sort excess food, or store a month worth of groceries in a way that it will stay preserved. You can also use this type of refrigerator if you have a separate freezer or deep freezer and you want this for your kitchen only.

What should be the ideal size of the Freezerless refrigerator?

The size of the refrigerator depends on your usage entirely. If you are using it to store grocery for a long time in your garage then maybe a medium or small one will work for you, you do not necessarily have to have gigantic one. However, if you are planning to use it as your main refrigerator, then you will need to get a bigger one that can accommodate the food in your house.

You will also need to determine the size of the unit according to the area that you have defined for it around your house.  It will not make sense if you have a small space yet you want a big unit.

Why is the no frost option important?

If your refrigerator has products in it for a long time like produce from the farmers’ market, then you will want it to stay fresh for as long as possible. However, if your refrigerator frost, it will turn ice cold which will, in turn, ruin it faster than usual.

Additionally, if you are storing items like cakes, chocolates, or leftovers, they will frost losing their taste and will go bad faster than usual.

What is the advantage of having an energy efficient unit?

Energy efficient units are a bit pricier than regular units. However, they are designed to work the same way as regular units but they take a lot less power. Less power consumed means that you can save more energy of the world and contribute to a greener planet.

Additionally, less consumed power means that you will be saving more money. So even if you spend a few extra bucks today, you will save hundreds more in the longer run.

Top5 Best Freezerless Refrigerator(Compare and Reviews)

Product Name No. of Shelves No. of Door Bins Energy efficient Frost free
Frigidaire 4 5 Yes Yes
Whirlpool 5 6 Yes Yes
Frigidaire Gallery Multiple Multiple No No
Danby Designer 5 5 Yes No
Electrolux IQ-Touch Multiple Multiple No No

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Frigidaire – Best overall rating

Frigidaire – Best overall rating

The Frigidaire Freezerless refrigerator is a stylish design to add to your kitchen. It holds many storages and organizing options that make it one of the most popular product in this category.

  • Features

The Frigidaire Freezerless refrigerator has features that are highly competitive in the market. It has three adjustable wire shelves that help in storing food according to the size and convenience of the user. There are 5 different full-width door racks that allow you to store dairy to beverages for perfect cooling and for bulky or narrow items.

The easy to select temperature controls allow you to keep the temperature maintained according to the various factors involved. The temperature sensors further keep the cooling even and well distributed. There are many storage options for maximum organizing in the refrigerator. With the bright light, users can easily scroll through the insides.

Moreover, the refrigerator is made frost free to keep things cool and not unnecessarily freeze them. The unit is a quiet unit with a warranty of one year for customer satisfaction and serves greatly to the purpose.


  • There are 4 different wire shelves and 5 full-width racks for better organizing
  • The unit is made frost free so that it can serve a purpose as a refrigerator and not a freezer
  • Temperature sensors allow the cooling to be distributed evenly and stay the same as set by the easy programming system
  • There is a warranty for a year for customer satisfaction


  • There is no dispenser with this unit
  • The refrigerator is not energy efficient and environment-friendly
The Frigidaire Freezerless refrigerator has great features like the temperature sensors that make it a great option for you. The no frost system makes it perfect for storing contents meant for refrigeration.

Whirlpool – Most Popular

Whirlpool – Most Popular

Whirlpool is one of the most trusted refrigerators brands in the market. It is energy efficient and very convenient to adjust the temperature. It has plenty of room to organize everything that you want to store.

  • Features

The Whirlpool Freezerless refrigerator has features that make it one of the best sellers in the market. The features are enough explanation for why people like to choose this brand.

The temperature controlling electronic system is easy to program so that the foods that you store are at their ideal temperature. The added humidity crispers the produce especially stays fresh for a longer time.

Furthermore, the automatic defrosting feature allows the refrigerator to remain cool without frosting on food and possibly ruining it.

There are up to 5 glass shelves that you can use with the LED lighting to see clearly in the refrigerator. Two of the shelves are fixed and the other three can be adjusted according to your needs. There are 6 door bins as well for various things like even for pizza.

The reversible door lets the customers in on more convenience. This refrigerator is made with energy star certification so that it remains light on your pocket and friendly to the environment.


  • There is plenty of storage space with 5 shelves and 6 door bins.
  • There are humidity crispers that keep the unit on the set temperature and keep the food fresh for longer periods of time.
  • The automatic defrosting feature allows the refrigerator to remain cool without being frosted or without freezing the food.
  • The energy star efficiency is an advantage to the pocket and to the environment as well.


  • This unit does not have a temperature sensor
  • The refrigerator is very loud every once in a while on the defrosting system
Whirlpool is one of the most trusted brands in appliances. This specific model is energy efficient along with having humidity crispers and other features that make it a great option for you to buy.

Frigidaire Gallery – Best High end choice

Frigidaire Gallery – Best High end choice

This Frigidaire gallery Freezerless refrigerator is one of the best high-end choices with features that are exceptional. The easy to clean refrigerator will provide convenience to you at all levels.

  • Features

Frigidaire Gallery Freezerless refrigerator is one of the high-end products in this category that provide convenience to the users. The easy to clean and the smudge-proof stainless steel body also resist fingerprints to keep it presentable.

The Space Wise organization system allows features to help in increasing the organizing options. The easy to tilt-out door bins, the sliding glass shelves, and full-width storage drawers make it better to store the contents and easy to scroll through easily when you are searching through the contents.

A full-width humidity controlled clear crisper allows the product to remain fresh for a longer time. The temperature controls are easy to program. The store crisper drawer is specially made for items that have more storage time and need to be fresher. The refrigerator has a way to notify you in case the door is left open so that none of your food goes bad and the energy is wasted.


  • Space wise organizing system allows better access to the stored food and better storage
  • There is a full-width humidity-controlled crisper that allows better care of the stored contents in the refrigerator
  • The refrigerator notifies you in case you leave the door open so that the food is protected along with the energy
  • There is an additional storage drawer that is made for items that need to be in the refrigerator for a longer period of time


  • The door is not reversible in this unit
  • There is no frost free feature in this unit
The Frigidaire gallery unit is a high-end refrigerator that makes it easy for you to store contents. It is space wise and has the technology to keep the produce and food stored fresh for longer periods of time.

Danby Designer – Best for the money

Danby Designer – Best for the money

The Danby Designer Freezerless refrigerator is a counter depth unit that fits into your kitchen perfectly. It has features that make help it achieve the best overall rating in the market.

  • Features

The Danby designer refrigerator is a great unit that provides convenience along with style. It has features that make it great in almost all aspects. There are five glass shelves all of which are made adjustable. An additional vegetable crisper keeps the vegetables in perfect condition for a long time.

The five-door bins are fixed and help in storage too. The thermostat if manual yet easy to use to keep the temperature that you find convenient. The light allows users to scroll the items with ease and the glass shelves further help for this purpose. The unit is certified with energy star to make it more convenient for power saving and to reduce the bills.

The body is made for a better performance; the counter depth allows users to fit the unit anywhere in their kitchen. The flat back is made so that it can be placed in front of any wall without a problem.


  • The body is made for ultimate convenience in placing it anywhere that you like around your house
  • There are five glass shelves that are adjustable according to your storage need, there are also five door bins that can store beverages and dairy
  • Vegetable crisper is made especially for the product to remain fresh for longer periods of time making it easy to store
  • Energy efficient unit makes it perfect to help in saving money on bills and the environment


  • There are no additional humidity crispers around the shelves
  • There is no frost-free technology in this unit
The Danby designer freezer is made with features that focus on every single aspect that makes it a great purchase. The body of the refrigerator combines with the internal system to provide great results at an economical price.

Electrolux IQ-Touch – Best Seller

Electrolux IQ-Touch – Best Seller

The Electrolux IQ touch Freezerless refrigerator is one of the best products in this category for the money. It holds features that are unbeatable along with customer satisfaction.

  • Features

Electrolux provides an exceptional Freezerless refrigerator that is strong and durable. It has many different options for organizing and storing the contents. The extra-wide glass shelves allow more space to store the food.

There are a luxury glide cool zone and fresh zone drawers that make your food organized and easy to scroll through. The air filter system in this refrigerator keeps the air clean and pure from bacteria, it also reduces chances of odor being transferred.

Multiple electronic sensors that allow the food to remain fresh, it also helps the air to circulate evenly so that the temperature is maintained and it remains fresh. The door of this refrigerator is also very spacious with desks that tilt out for easy reaching. It allows you to store various sizes of contents.

The refrigerator also has an alarm system that rings when the door has been left open for a long time. It also rings when there has been a power failure and the temperature rises.


  • There is an alarm system to notify you when the temperature has risen or the door has been left open for a long time
  • The air filter system allows the air inside the refrigerator to be odorless, clean, and without bacteria to keep food healthy and hygienic
  • Multiple electronic sensors allow the food to remain fresh, they also ensure that the air is circulating evenly around the refrigerator
  • Multiple shelves and door bins allow better space to store as much as possible


  • The unit is not energy efficient or power saving
  • There are no humidity crispers for a better storage solution
The Electrolux Freezerless refrigerator is a great unit that helps in storing food to keep it hygienic with its air filter. Is also allows better circulation of cool air and keeps the food fresh for a long time.

Main features to look for in Freezerless refrigerator

Picking the suitable Freezerless refrigerator is a cumbersome task. The market does not make it easy by giving you so many options. To make this a walk in the park for you, we have jotted down the important aspects of purchasing the best freezerless refrigerator.

Pick the Right Size

The first and most important thing that you will need to consider is the size of the unit. Make sure it is not too big that it does not fit your designated or too small that it is not enough for your usage. Nevertheless, choose the one that has the potential to fit in your given space and have the potential to do the job perfectly.

Choose the Thermostat

Many Freezerless refrigerators do not come with a thermostat for one setting option only. However, the one with the temperature control makes it great for you to use according to the contents of it. Some units will give you the option of setting the t6he temperature in each compartment which makes it much easier for you to store food.

Air Circulation

Since Freezerless refrigerators are mostly used for storage purposes, make sure that you have the features that keep your grocery freshly stored.  One of the best features that you can have is sensors that allow air circulation entirely and evenly around the unit.

Furthermore, this feature helps every part receive even air and allows all the food to remain fresh and find for a long time.

Defrosting Feature or Frost Free Feature

The defrosting feature of frost-free features means that the temperature of the refrigerator does not go down so much that the walls start to frost and eventually the food freezes too. This option will allow the contents inside to be fresh and at the temperature that they need to beat for durability.


After going through the review of various models choosing the best Freezerless refrigerator to become easier for you. To reduce ambiguities and save your time, we have reviewed the 5 latest and the best products in this category. Make sure to take suggestions and research according to your budget when you are making the final decision.

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