Photograph by Suzan Peterson

By Bonnie Joy Flamm  www,

The color “Black” has received a black name in the last few years  – but its been over-exaggerated — and I am happy to tell you that, black is back.

A few years ago, black granite was in vogue. So much so, that it became the “it” thing to do, until we could not stand to see it on one more kitchen counter top and we blew off black.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that black is black! No longer in a large part, but as as an accent and/or accessory, it’s okay to use again.

Black and white is actually a timeless duo in the remodeled kitchen or bathroom.

Or, how about a black and white area rug? It can be a striking dramatic effect in any room!

Finally, how about a black wall with white shelves?

Very modern and dramatic,  yet you need to have the “nerve” to make it happen.