Air Conditioning Option for a Small Space


When I was in Mexico recently, I rented a small house in the city of Merida, on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Each bedroom had an individual air conditioning unit mounted high on the wall which not […]

Some Thoughts About Exhaust Fans

I have had a few experiences with exhaust fans in the houses I’ve owned.  The first house I ever owned had a non-vented range hood in the kitchen.  There was no particular reason why the […]

New Cabinet Knobs for a New Look

Are the cabinet knobs in your kitchen old and worn?  Is the finish wearing off?  A fairly quick and easy way to get a new look for your cabinets is to replace the old knobs […]

Light for a Laundry Closet

My washer and dryer are next to the kitchen in a closet-like space behind bifold doors.  If I had been designing the space, I probably would not have included lighting since it is such a […]

How Do You Like Your Kitchen Sink?

I was visiting the house of a friend of mine recently.  He had done a beautiful kitchen extension and remodel a few years ago.  He enlarged the kitchen itself, put in an island (complete with […]

Summer Shade for a Window

In the house that I am living, there is a large window in the garage.  It works really well for letting in light and because it faces due west, the sun warms the garage up […]

Heat Pump Water Heater versus Tankless


I chose an electric heat pump water heater for my home after my second story addition and entry remodel for several reasons.


Heat pump water heater versus tankless


1. Tankless would require me to upgrade my entire […]

Alternative Wall Decorations


I was helping my brother to decorate the foyer of his remodeled home.  When he added a second story onto the existing home, he designed a 2-story foyer.  The walls were bare and he wanted […]

Planning Your Refrigerator Placement

When you remodel your kitchen take some time to think about where you place your refrigerator.  The owners of this older home did just that.


First of all, the refrigerator should be easily accessible for both […]

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