Florida Remodeling Contractor Indicted

A homeowner paid a Florida remodeling contractor nearly $200,000 over a year and a half to a contractor for an incomplete job and shoddy workmanship for the work that was done.

“$196,700 was spent but if […]

Steel Door Adds Value to Home – Really?

An article in USA Today lists 8 home projects that add value to a home includes “installing a steel front door”. Really?  My house that is worth $300,000 is going to be worth $301,000 if […]

Cost of Addition to Home

Cost of adding an addition to you home varies greatly and is determined by the 4 home addition cost drivers; location, who does the work, the design and the materials you choose to you.  Most […]

Bedroom Addition Cost Estimate

Bedroom additions are popular home improvements because of the great value they add to a home, their relative low cost and the improvement in quality of life they can offer.  Two teenagers sharing a bedroom […]

Home Addition Costs – Foundation Forms

Every home addition needs a good foundation and every good foundation needs the right forms and design to support your new home

addition.  The forms and rebar and holddowns that are required – especially in the […]

Cost to Remodel Home per Square Foot

Seems like estimating the cost to remodel a home by the square foot is the ideal solution for homeowners trying to get a quick estimate of the cost to remodel.  Unfortunately cost per square foot […]

Remodeling Costs are Changing

The economy continues to improve after the “great recession” and with the improving economy come increases in the cost to remodel.

The cost to remodel and renovate dropped dramatically during the recession; as much as 30% […]

Home Addition Cost Update

With the recession over and the real estate market heating up a good question is “Do home additions make sense?”.   The answer is the same as it was during the recession…”maybe.”.   Regardless of the economic […]

Grey Water System in California

The drought in california continues and is spurring the installation of grey water irrigation systems. Many cities are allow laundry to landscaping type greywater systems without a permit which reduces the cost significantly. The cost […]

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