cabinet for a small bathroom

If you have a small bathroom, consider downsizing the sink cabinet to maximize space in the room.

by Janet Akers


If  you are adding a second floor or remodeling a room, you might find that you have a small space in which to add a powder room.  It’s always nice to have an extra bathroom even if it will require a cabinet for a small bathroom.  They pop up in different places on floor plans.  Sometimes you find them next to the kitchen, other times off a family room or even next to a garage.


If space is restricted, contractors often will use a pedestal sink to maximize the floor space as well as to visually increase the size of the room.  However, there are other options.  In the photo above, the homeowners opted for a shallow cabinet.  The sink itself extends over the cabinet so that there is plenty of space to wash hands.  The advantage of this over a pedestal sink is that there is some storage underneath.  The cabinet, while small, is large enough to store extra hand towels, soap, and rolls of toilet paper.  Notice that the cabinet, sink, and walls are all white.  Light colors help expand the space visually.
Another space saving option that I have seen is a sink in the corner of the room.  In this case, the sink was mounted on a small, triangular-shaped cabinet.  However, there are corner sinks that hang on the wall as well.  It was surprising how much more open the room felt with the sink in the corner instead of in the middle.


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