Bedroom Addition Cost Estimate

Bedroom additions are popular home improvements because of the great value they add to a home, their relative low cost and the improvement in quality of life they can offer.  Two teenagers sharing a bedroom […]

Design Trend: Modern “Wall Beds”

by Bonnie Joy Designs, Interior Designer

Wall beds have been around for a long time, but boy-o-boy, have they come a long way!

Traditionally known as “Murphy” beds, these kinds of built-in systems were traditionally engineered as […]

Baby’s Room Addition

by Bonnie Joy, Interior Designer

Thinking of adding a ‘new addition’?

What if your “new addition” doesn’t mean adding on a new room to your house, but having a baby?

Furthermore, how can you decorate the baby’s room […]

Bedroom Renovation and Masculine Self-Discovery

by Bonnie Joy Designs

We all need to accept “change” in our lives and then embrace it by recreating our interiors. So why not change the surroundings in which you spend the majority of your time? Turn your […]

Design Trend for 2013: “Rumpled Bedding”

by Bonnie Joy Designs

You know the drill: “Make your bed!” is one of the most widely heard admonitions from your childhood, complete with razor-straight “hospital” corners and the ever-tucked in bed sheet.

But cheer up, because with […]

The Ultimate Guest Room

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer,

Thinking of remodeling your “Guest Room?” Here are some tips on how to make the ultimate guest room — leaving your guests feeling as pampered as the most posh resort.

First, layer […]

Aging In Place Design Guide

by Bonnie Joy Designs, Certified Aging in Place Specialist 949.706.3379

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, I have a list of 100 modifications that can be done to  your home to make it
safer, more comfortable […]

Holiday Decorating for Thanksgiving

Photograph provided by Antonello Musina by Bonnie Joy Flamm @

Setting the indoor “stage” for holiday decorating can be a hassle. However, here are some easy, economical and helpful tips.

The Centerpiece: One of […]

Tips for a Bedroom Remodel

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer

Most people spend the majority of their lives sleeping in their bedroom. It’s only natural then, to want to make this space as special as possible. These days, one of the […]

Don’t Be Afraid of Color! by Bonnie Joy Flamm

"Color" Photo provided by scui3asteveo