Cost of Addition to Home

Cost of adding an addition to you home varies greatly and is determined by the 4 home addition cost drivers; location, who does the work, the design and the materials you choose to you.  Most […]

Bedroom Addition Cost Estimate

Bedroom additions are popular home improvements because of the great value they add to a home, their relative low cost and the improvement in quality of life they can offer.  Two teenagers sharing a bedroom […]

Cost to Remodel Home per Square Foot

Seems like estimating the cost to remodel a home by the square foot is the ideal solution for homeowners trying to get a quick estimate of the cost to remodel.  Unfortunately cost per square foot […]

Remodeling Costs are Changing

The economy continues to improve after the “great recession” and with the improving economy come increases in the cost to remodel.

The cost to remodel and renovate dropped dramatically during the recession; as much as 30% […]

Cost to Remodel Bathroom

By Dan Fritschen


“What is the cost to remodel my bathroom” and “How do I get an estimate” or two of the most common questions we hear at

Quick Link: Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator – Free and […]

The Cost to Remodel

There are a lot of shocked faces when the first discussions about the cost to remodel come up in most

households. And for good reason. Why is it possible that new homes are built […]

Bathroom Remodeling

Having a large home with plenty of spacious bathrooms for every family member and guests, as well as a luxurious en suite for the master bedroom is a dream for most homeowners!

However, the reality of […]

Remodeling Costs

Figuring out the budget for your remodeling project is the first thing you need to have finalized. It’s essential that you set a budget and stick to it as this will help you avoid unpleasant […]