Black is Back!

By Bonnie Joy Flamm  www,

The color “Black” has received a black name in the last few years  – but its been over-exaggerated — and I am happy to tell you that, black is back.

A few […]

At Home for Holiday Dining

By Bonnie Joy Flamm

Nothing captures the warmth of the holiday season  like a meal shared among family and friends. Indeed, inviting cherished company into your home for an evening of fine food and celebration […]

Autumn Remodeling

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer at

Fall is a great time to spruce up your home, as the kids are back in school and there is still time before the hectic holidays arrive. Why […]

Drapes – 3 Tips to Make Them Look Great!

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer at

1. How to Measure: Measure the length of your windows, deciding whether you want the drapes to fall above the sill, below it, or to the floor. If you […]