Trees = Green Power

How to reduce your “Carbon Footprint” and help the environment AT THE SAME TIME is on everyone’s minds these days.
Most people are buying energy efficient appliances to help save on utility costs, but one […]

Residential Living On a Golf Course

by Bonnie Flamm, Interior Designer

There are many exquisite homes on the market today that specifically cater to golfers. With the Baby Boomer population moving into the retirement age, luxury homesĀ on a signature golf course are […]

Improve the Entry way to your Home, by Bonnie Joy Flamm

Thinking of moving? If so, improving the entry way or path to your home’s front door is essential. “Curb appeal” as it is known in the real estate business, is achieved through a wide variety […]

Do I Need A Building Permit In California?

Most extensive home remodeling projects will require a building permit throughout the United States, and it can be difficult to keep up with building regulations in your particular area. Fortunately RemodelOrMove.com is here to help.

The […]

Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

The hazy days of summer are becoming a distant memory – so it’s time to pack away the barbecue set and get your home ready for winter.

The first thing you should do is safely store […]