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Design Trend: Modern “Wall Beds”

by Bonnie Joy Designs, Interior Designer

Wall beds have been around for a long time, but boy-o-boy, have they come a long way!

Traditionally known as “Murphy” beds, these kinds of built-in systems were traditionally engineered as […]

Decorating for Dogs

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer

Remember the phrase, “you’re in the dog house!” It didn’t mean anything good – see photograph at right! But it no longer means what it once did – and today – the “dog […]

Baby’s Room Addition

by Bonnie Joy, Interior Designer

Thinking of adding a ‘new addition’?

What if your “new addition” doesn’t mean adding on a new room to your house, but having a baby?

Furthermore, how can you decorate the baby’s room […]

Ways to Wake up your House

by Bonnie Joy Designs,

“Knock…knock…” Who’s There? “This old House!”

Unfortunately, this joke is not very funny, as we might agree that our homes may have lost their luster over the years. We just “get used […]

High Tech Lighting

by Bonnie Joy, Interior Designer

In short, high tech lighting = fiber optics! With this alternative, beams of light from a single, centralized halogen or metal halide lamp travel optically through a flexible cable full of glass […]

Updated Showers

by Bonnie Joy

Want to show off when you remodel your master bathroom? One of the best places to let technology run wild is in a new shower. Larger, more sculpted, and chock-full of futuristic knobs […]

Does the Art Need to Match the Sofa?

by Bonnie Flamm, Interior Designer

So you are thinking of redecorating your living room and you ask yourself, “Does the art need to match the sofa?” Truth-be-told, I once bought a piece of art specifically to […]

Household Fans

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer

When cooler heads need to prevail, there are fans!

Did you know that in the days of the Roman Empire, the privileged would be fanned with large palm fronds to […]

Recipe for a Rustic, Romantic Retreat

by Bonnie Joy Designs

Mix together the following ingredients:

A cabin or cottage nestled amongst the trees (may substitute a mountain or a lake);

Dark hardwood flooring (preferably hand-scraped);

Floor to ceiling windows with custom treatments;

A goose-down filled couch and […]

‘Playing It Safe’ With Color

by Bonnie Joy Designs, Interior Designers,

It’s no secret: Most people decorate their homes within a definite comfort zone. I get calls all the time from people who are tired of playing it safe with […]