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Bedroom Renovation and Masculine Self-Discovery

by Bonnie Joy Designs

We all need to accept “change” in our lives and then embrace it by recreating our interiors. So why not change the surroundings in which you spend the majority of your time? Turn your […]

Style Trend: Snakeskin

by Bonnie Joy Designs

This season, serpentine shapes are slithering their way from the fashion world into home decorating. So move over jewelry design, shoes, handbags and belts, and bring the undulating curves of a snake  into your […]

How to Create Your “Urban Zen”

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer

When it comes to redecorating your space, take a clue from Mother Nature: use nature-inspired materials, organic shapes and neutral tones with the goal of creating spaces that foster peace […]

Design Trend for 2013: “Rumpled Bedding”

by Bonnie Joy Designs

You know the drill: “Make your bed!” is one of the most widely heard admonitions from your childhood, complete with razor-straight “hospital” corners and the ever-tucked in bed sheet.

But cheer up, because with […]

How to Decorate your Home

by Bonnie Joy Designs,

“Your Home is your Castle,” and a smartly furnished home is easy to achieve by combining a carefully selected group of furniture, pillows and accessories. To make the most of your money […]

Organizing Your Kitchen Remodel

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer 949.706.3379

So, you have decided to remodel your kitchen and plan on a modern, sleek design. What comes next? Organization in three main phases!

Sink/Cutting Center

Let’s say that you are going to […]

Repurpose Your Rooms

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer, 949.706.3379

Sometimes the answer does not boil down to remodel or move. Rather, now that the kids are gone, you may just want to “repurpose” your existing rooms. Here are some helpful hints when […]

The Ultimate Guest Room

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer,

Thinking of remodeling your “Guest Room?” Here are some tips on how to make the ultimate guest room — leaving your guests feeling as pampered as the most posh resort.

First, layer […]

Trend: Coastal Style

Photograph by Alpha

by Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer

There are all sorts of ways you can bring this very popular look into the remodel of your home, no matter where you live!

Think: Accent pieces.  Starfish, coral and sand […]

“There is No Place like Home”

by Bonnie Joy, Interior Designer and CAPS 949.706.3379

They are not just cliches: “There is No Place Like Home,” “I want to go home,” and “It feels like Home,” are all sentiments with more than a grain of truth to […]