A House Flip Deal in San Jose California

The plan is to buy a single family home in San Jose California for $750k. It is tiny – 900 sqft – then build a  1000 square feet home addition and sell it for $1.3m or […]

Should I buy a house now in Northern California?

​Good question  – in the san jose area there is an opportunity to buy the smallest (there are many 1000 and smaller homes) in a good area (not palo alto. los altos etc unless you have […]

Make Your Door a Welcoming Spot

by Janet Akers


I was recently vacationing in Maine and ran across a number of homes with eaves that had very little overhang and no roof extension over the front door, such as the one in […]

Sink Cabinet for a Small Bathroom

by Janet Akers


If  you are adding a second floor or remodeling a room, you might find that you have a small space in which to add a powder room.  It’s always nice to have an […]

Window Shape and Placement for a Home Addition

by Janet Akers


I was out walking in the neighborhood recently and saw this house down at the end of the cul-de-sac.  It is a relatively new house and I was wondering who decided on the […]

Air Conditioning Option for a Small Space


by Janet Akers


When I was in Mexico recently, I rented a small house in the city of Merida, on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Each bedroom had an individual air conditioning unit mounted high on the wall […]

Some Thoughts About Exhaust Fans

by Janet Akers


I have had a few experiences with exhaust fans in the houses I’ve owned.  The first house I ever owned had a non-vented range hood in the kitchen.  There was no particular reason […]

New Cabinet Knobs for a New Look

by Janet Akers


Are the cabinet knobs in your kitchen old and worn?  Is the finish wearing off?  A fairly quick and easy way to get a new look for your cabinets is to replace the […]

Light for a Laundry Closet

by Janet Akers


My washer and dryer are next to the kitchen in a closet-like space behind bifold doors.  If I had been designing the space, I probably would not have included lighting since it is […]

How Do You Like Your Kitchen Sink?

by Janet Akers


I was visiting the house of a friend of mine recently.  He had done a beautiful kitchen extension and remodel a few years ago.  He enlarged the kitchen itself, put in an island […]