Summer Shade for a Window

by Janet Akers


In the house that I am living, there is a large window in the garage.  It works really well for letting in light and because it faces due west, the sun warms the […]

Heat Pump Water Heater versus Tankless


I chose an electric heat pump water heater for my home after my second story addition and entry remodel for several reasons.


Heat pump water heater versus tankless


1. Tankless would require me to upgrade my entire […]

Alternative Wall Decorations


by Janet Akers


I was helping my brother to decorate the foyer of his remodeled home.  When he added a second story onto the existing home, he designed a 2-story foyer.  The walls were bare and […]

Planning Your Refrigerator Placement

by Janet Akers


When you remodel your kitchen take some time to think about where you place your refrigerator.  The owners of this older home did just that.


First of all, the refrigerator should be easily accessible […]

Clear Drains – Environmentally Friendly

by Janet Akers


I moved into a rental home recently.  When I took a shower, I found myself standing in several inches of water.  Not a great way to start my day!  So I dried off […]

Light Colored Shingle Roof?!?!

I finished roofing a house recently with a “birch” colored asphalt shingle. It makes a lot of sense to us a light colored shingle to roof a house – it will reflect a lot of […]

Remodel Cost Calculators


Remodeling & Renovation Cost Calculator Estimates –Get yours right now – It’s FREE!


Remodel or Move?

Should you Remodel?

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Addition

Kitchen Remodel

Den Addition

Bedroom Addition

Office Addition

Living Room Addition

Living Room Expansion

Family Room Addition

Family […]

Solar Panel Installation in California – PG&E

After completing a 2nd story addition it was time to install the photovoltaic solar panel system that I was wanting to for many years but because of the plans for the 2nd story addition and […]

I Just Fired My Architect

I just emailed my architect the following message:
Dear ______,  I have decided to take a different approach to the remodeling project at the _____________ and will no longer need your services.  I would like to terminate […]

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