Color Trend for 2013: Emerald Green

by Bonnie Joy Designs

So just how influential will Pantone’s choice turn out to be? Color forecasters, manufacturers and store buyers do put stock in the selection, and those results will soon make themselves known.
In the mean time, you […]

Flooring can Inspire!

by Bonnie Joy Designs

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Your floor covering is often the single largest design statement in your home, simply because it uses up the most “real estate.” Hatch your next room […]

Trees = Green Power

How to reduce your “Carbon Footprint” and help the environment AT THE SAME TIME is on everyone’s minds these days.
Most people are buying energy efficient appliances to help save on utility costs, but one […]

How to Decorate for a New Year’s Eve Bash

There is no better way to usher in a New Year than with a party, so to help you celebrate and welcome in the new year, here are a few tips:

Bright colors work great for a casual […]

Updating your Fireplace

by Bonnie Joy Flamm,  Interior Designer

From the moment it’s lit, a fireplace becomes the glowing centerpiece of any room; it provides warmth and a focal point that says, “come on in!”

Over the years, fireplaces have […]

Nesting Tables

By Bonnie Joy Flamm, @www.bonniejoydesigns.com

Traditionally, nesting tables are an elegant look in a formal living room, next to the couch

where they provide easy access to both cocktails and canapes.  Similarly, they are at home in the family room, where […]

In The Dining Room

By Bonnie Joy Flamm, Interior Designer

Dining rooms can be difficult! This particular room works on a number of levels, but can

definitely be improved upon. First, let’s explore what elements  really sets it apart from others.

The “Sputnik” chandelier […]

Remodeling Cost per Square Foot – Why?

Why does everyone talk about “remodeling cost per square foot”?  It is a common phrase and for contractors and realtor and other real estate professionals it can be a helpful number to reference.  But for […]

4 Tips to Make Your Remodel a Success

Remodeling? Good planning will get you the results you want.

Home remodels that cost tens and hundreds of thousands of dollar are most successful when the builder plans every detail.  Homeowners can learn from this and […]

How long does it usually take for a major kitchen remodel?

By Dan Fritschen

A major kitchen remodel will probably take about three months from start of planning to completion of the job. Under some circumstances, and with a great deal of careful planning and some preparatory […]